When I was a child

I used to play naked in the water.

Sometimes my dad would join me.

We would splash and giggle.


Now I'm an adult

And every morning I wrap myself in a towel and robe to sprint the three feet between my bedroom door and the bathroom.

My roommates do the same.

I assume.


When I was a child

I hit my mother on the head with a shovel.

She told me it hurt, so I hit myself

To see if that was true.


Now I'm an adult

And I stand at the edge of the room

Telling myself that if I talk to that stranger that stranger won't like me

because I don't.


When I was a child

I changed m name to Dino

For a year.



Now I'm an adult 

And I have to spend a part of every day

Convincing myself

That I'm doing it correctly.